FLASHWAX is coming to 5 Star Car Wash and Detail Center!

5-Star Car Wash is introducing a new wax.
FlashWax manufactured by Diamond Shine

  • It is formulated with the latest technology using real Carnauba Wax.
  • Provides new car shine
  • Repels water and adds protection from the elements for an extended time
  • Unique Lava foaming application method bonds instantly to the total surface of the vehicle
  • Automated process requires no extra wait time
  • Inexpensive only $5.00 with any car wash

5-Star Car Wash made a decision to add a new product called FLASHWAX. It is manufactured by Diamond Shine a leading car wash chemical company. We believe that it will add real value to our customer’s vehicles at a reasonable price point. We invested in new equipment to insure it’s proper application. This product uses real Carnauba Wax that instantly bonds to the surface of vehicles. Customers will see the difference on how their vehicles shine.It also provides lasting protection from the elements.Another benefit is time saving, there will be no additional wait over a basic car wash. Please give it a try on your next visit.

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