Professional Car Wash versus Hand Wash

There have been many studies proving that taking your vehicle to a professional car wash is much safer than hand washing it. Some people believe that hand washing is more effective and safer, maybe the result of a  negative experience with a poorly run and maintained car wash at one point.
hand wash waste
Washing your car in the driveway is a lengthy process that wastes water. Chemicals that are used end up going down the storm drains harming the food chain and wildlife. Because of this, there have been many municipalities have have banned driveway washing, such as Suisun City. This was out of concern for of the fragile delta environment that we are connected to.
I can assure you that 5-Star Car Wash is passionate about our environment and employees. We use only safe environmentally friendly chemicals. All of our discharge water flows to under ground clarifier tanks. The oils and solids that are removed from the vehicles are separated in the underground clarifiers that are later pumped out and taken to an safe approved site. The discharge water then goes to the city sanitary sewer system and is further processed before being released into the environment.
Fairfield wash 15-Star Car Wash utilizes a safe an effective process to wash your vehicle. The first phase the vehicle is automaticaly prepped utilizing high pressure water to safely remove grit and grime form the surface. The second phase goes into the wash process which uses soft cloth technology with high lubricity soaps. The soft cloth and foam materials are designed not to hold dirt that can potentially cause micro scratches. An under body flush is done during this phase. The third phase after the vehicle is clean, special UV sealants and polishes are applied. This adds protection and improves the shine. The fourth phase is drying. Special drying agents are injected into the rinse water that help eliminate water spots.The vehicles then enter high velocity air dryers and 95% of the water is removed. The fifth phase, the remaining 5% of the water is removed by employees using clean micro fiber towels. Any residual water in the cracks and creases is removed by employees as required.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
As you can see a hand wash using a hose and bucket can’t compete on many levels. At 5-Star Car Wash, we have professional managers, maintenance personal and long term employees that constantly monitor our operation. We are always looking to improve our service and add value. I welcome any suggestions on how to improve your experience at our car wash.
Thank You,
Bill Proestler

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