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5 star car wash & detail center Coupons

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$12.99  Reg. $15.99  Save$3.00

• Towel Dried By Hand
• Wheels Cleaned
• Cherry Polish
• UV Protection

Exp. 5/31/2021 Code: Web-100
Extra for Trucks, Vans & SUV’s

4-STAR CAR WASH PACKAGE Lustra Shine Treatment

$25.99  Reg. $28.99  Save$3.00

• Interior Windows Cleaned
• Interior Vacuumed
• Interior Fragrance
• Dash Dusted
• Wheels & Tires Cleaned
• Clear Coat & UV Protection
• Triple Shine Polish Wax
• Under Body Flush
• Tire Dressing (applied by hand)
• Exterior trim dressing (by request)

Not valid with any other offers.  Exp. 5/31/2021  Code: Web-101
Extra for Trucks, Vans & SUV’s

5-STAR PACKAGE Includes our 4-star Car wash

$32.99 Reg. $35.99
Save $3.00

  • Diamond Shine Carnauba Flash Wax
  • Diamond Shine Triple Coat Wax
  • Clear Coat Sealant UV Protection
  • Interior Fragrance
  • Exterior Trim Dressing (By Request)
  • Under body Flush
  • Door Jams Wiped Down
  • Light Wiping & Dusting Of Interior
  • Tire Dressing (Applied By Hand)
  • Towel Dried By Hand
  • Not valid with any other offers.  Exp. 5/31/2021
    Code: Web-103
    Extra for Trucks, Vans & SUV’s

 DETAIL PACKAGE  Includes our 5-Star Car Wash 

$67.00 Reg. $75.00 
Save $8.00

Includes our Premium 4-Star Car Wash with ONE of the following:

• Exterior Camuba Wax Applied w/Buffer
• Carpet Cleaning (Steam Cleaning Extraction Process)
• Seats Cleaning (Extraction Cleaning Process)
• Vinyl and Leather, Door Panels, Center Console etc. Cleaned & Conditioned
• Headlight Restoration

Not valid with any other offers.  Exp. 5/31/2021 Code: Web-104
Extra for Trucks, Vans & SUV’s


$5.00 with any car wash or
FREE with 4-Star Package (With Coupon) Save $5.00

• Real Carnauba Wax & Shine
• Instant bond to paint
• Showroom Shine and Extended Water Repellency

Not valid with other offers Exp. 5/31/2021 Code: Web-105